Demonology 101
Welcome to "Demonology 101"! This laid back, self-paced, introductory course covers the basics of demonology (the study of demons) and is presented as an online video course with visual aids. Movie clips, evidence, and images are included. Also included is a section on how to remove severe and demonic hauntings. Sessions vary in time (excluding Session A) based on content but vary from 20-40 minutes. Five sessions are included in this course; Session A-E. Sorry, no refunds. Certificates available upon completion of the course and final quiz. Due to individuals having testing anxiety and/or learning disabilities, the final quiz is only two questions long and is extremely easy.


Samantha E. Harris

In addition to her 17+ years of paranormal research and psychic experiences, Samantha Harris is a published author, demonologist, paranormal investigator, spiritual minister, healer and counselor. Harris has been featured on the Travel Channel, Destination America Channel, and offered a series on the A&E Network among other media outlets. From providing television producers with cases for episodes, to acting as a resource for screenplay writers and authors, Harris involves herself in the paranormal in hopes of educating and helping those in need. As of 2017, she has performed over 120 house blessings for severe hauntings and counting. Harris has a background in abnormal psychology and received her B.A. from Michigan State University in communications. She has networked with renowned contacts such as Tracy Bacon and Lorraine Warren. Harris helps individuals across the globe perform their own house blessings and attends expos to educate the community on the removal of severe hauntings.


Course Faq

When is the course material available?

After you enroll, this course is available anytime! It's a self-directed course so you can start, pause and continue whenever you want.

What if I'm having problems viewing a video?

Most problems can be solved with these simple steps:
1) Try a different browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.
2) enable cookies
3) clear browser cache or history
If you're still having problems contact the instructor using the contact link above.

Where is my certificate?

Your certificate is located on the Session E page under additional content.